Hendrix Arboretum

Cataloging the location and species of over 1,000 trees at Hendrix College, based on a census that began in June, 1995.

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The Hendrix College Campus Arboretum

Consistent with its community orientation and the educational goals of Hendrix College , the development of the campus arboretum was intended to provide an educational center for not only Hendrix College, but for the other colleges, public schools, and the general public in the Central Arkansas area, as well as for other visitors to the college.

A secondary aim of the census was to provide a guide for future plantings, with the goal of eventually including all species common to Arkansas and its surrounding states. The Campus Arboretum continues to be a work in progress, as the campus experiences growth and development.


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Each tree in the arboretum can be identified with a numbered circular metallic tag, found on the south side of the tree. Enter the ID number in the search field below to learn more information about the tree.


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